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NJC Pay 2014/15 – Branch Consultation Begins on Final Offer

At the meeting of the NJC Executive held on 20 March 2014, the Local Government Association (LGA) Employers made the following final pay offer:

       Offer                                                             New Hourly Rate

  • £580 on pay point 5                                                             £6.75
  • £550 on pay point 6                                                             £6.82
  • £400 on pay point 7                                                             £6.90
  • £275 on pay point 8                                                             £7.05
  • £200 on pay point 9                                                             £7.22
  • £175 on pay point 10                                                          £7.35
  • 1.0% on pay points 11 and above                       See This Chart

The Employers offer letter is attached together with indicative scales setting out the impact of the offer on each scale point.

The UNISON NJC Committee has agreed to hold a formal consultation on the Employers’ final NJC pay offer for 2014/15 under the Service Group Pay Consultation Procedures.

UNISON’s NJC Committee’s views on the offer

The UNISON NJC Committee is clear the Employers’ below-inflation final pay offer falls woefully below the aspirations in our 2014-15 pay claim and what our members deserve. It does nothing to begin restoring the 20% real loss in NJC pay value since 2010 and the effect falling pay has on members’ future pensions. It means yet another year with a further pay cut for the vast majority of our members. It leaves half a million NJC members below the Living Wage and the lowest paid 50,000 just 30p above the National Minimum Wage.

The UNISON NJC Committee strongly recommends this meagre final offer is REJECTED and that we move to an official industrial action ballot in support of the claim on behalf of those employed on NJC terms. The Committee urges all members to support the recommendation in this consultation.

Branches have been asked to consult members on this basis, and the UNISON NJC Committee will be meeting on Thursday 24 April 2014 to consider the results of the consultation.

The NJC Trade Unions

The Trade Union Side has already adopted the position that a 1% increase for 2014/15 is not acceptable. All three unions will therefore consult their members on the basis that the offer should be rejected.

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Eulogy for Bob Crow and Tony Benn

The pictures you see were taken at our first ever anti cuts meeting back in 2010.

It was a privilege to chair a meeting with two political heavy weights Tony Benn and Bob Crow as speakers, if not a little daunting.

My first direct encounter with Bob Crow was on Kensington High Street during the many Palestinian protests that were taking place at the time. He was speaking to someone when black cab came to a screeching halt and the driver, a rather large man jumped out, running over to Bob he then leaned over shook his hand stating Bob was the best trade union leader in the country. He then sped off leaving us all bemused if not a little relieved.

Bob Crow just smiled taking it all in his stride.


Tony Benn was a frequent visitor to many of past picket lines. He also spoke at several AGMs always ready to offer support and solidarity even when he was ill. He was a good friend to this Branch and a genuinely compassionate socialist.

Both men lived and died never compromising their principles and defending those who had no voice.

They will be sorely missed by our movement however their legacies will live on in all struggles ahead. ]

May they both Rest in Peace

Sonya Howard
Branch Secretary

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Bob Crow – Book of Condolence

Bob Crow, the leader of the RMT (the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers), dies suddenly on 11 March from a suspected heart attack.

As a passionate union leader, with a keen mind and emotional intelligence,Bob Crow he fought hard not only for his members but for worker’s rights generally and he will be sadly missed.

A Book of Condolence for Bob has been set up in the reception at Unity House[i], in addition or people can leave a message on-line. 

Secure facility via the RMT website:

Robert Crow, trade unionist, born 13 June 1961; died 11 March 2014


[i] RMT 
Unity House
39 Chalton Street 
London NW1 1JD


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NJC Trade Union Side Statement 1% Is Not Acceptable

The NJC Trade Union Side met on Wednesday to discuss the failure of the employers to make an offer, the likelihood of any offer being 1% and theWorth it link to the National Minimum Wage. Following discussion, the following statement was unanimously agreed:

“This NJC Trade Union Side:

•           Deplores the Employers’ failure to make an offer on 14 February 2014 and their statement on 21 February 2014 that a 1% remit was not negotiable.
•           Rejects any pegging of NJC pay to the National Minimum Wage
•           Reiterates the view expressed by our members last year that 1% for 2014/15 would not be acceptable

In light of the above, the NJC Trade Union Side believes industrial action looks inevitable and we are preparing accordingly.  

UNISON’s NJC Committee agreed last week to consult members if we had not received an offer by 1 April. Regions have been asked to start data cleansing immediately for a potential industrial action ballot.

Cable Leaks Low Pay Commission Recommendation ON NMW

Vince Cable has revealed the Low Pay Commission’s recommendation is for a 3% increase in the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to a Select Committee.

We have to wait to see whether the government accept the LPC’s recommendation or applies its own increase, but a 3% increase would make the NMW £6.50 an hour.

A 1% increase on the bottom NJC scp 5 would give an hourly rate of £6.51 and £6.60 on scp 6. That would make scp 5 a pitiful 0.2% higher than the NMW and scp 6 just 1.5% higher.

Local Government Needs A Pay Rise Day – 1 April

We are organising a ‘Local Government Needs a Pay Rise’ day within the TUC’s Fair Pay Fortnight on 1 April. We have chosen that date because it coincides with the NJC pay anniversary date. More details will follow.

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