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New Strike Date Announced – Tuesday 30 September

We have just received notification that there is a further day of industrial action to be taken to force the Employer to negotiate.

The UNISON National Joint Council (NJC), the committee which negotiates for our pay, met earlier this week to review the strike action we took on July 10 and decide the next steps in our campaign. It has decided to hold a second day of strike action on Tuesday 30 September. This is the last date local government pay is above the National Minimum Wage (NMW): On 1 October, SCP 5 will fall below the NMW of £6.50 per hour.

The NJC Trade Union Side Executive is meeting on 29 July to discuss coordinating second wave action and further information will follow. The UNISON NJC Committee has also agreed to set a date for industrial action in October should there be no movement by the Employers.

Recent research gives us a projection of the wider effect of each % point increase in public sector pay. It shows us that every 1 per cent increase “…generates between £710 million and £820 million for the government in increased income tax, National Insurance contributions, and expenditure tax receipts, and reduced benefit and tax credit expenditure”. (See link for further information: ).

The pay claim for £1 across the board make sense and will ensure that those at the bottom will receive a real living wage and our salary scales keep above inflation.

We will be organising further meetings and sending you more information in August and September.

Once again we hope we can count on your support in our struggle to win a decent pay award.

Sonya Howard
Branch Secretary



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Britain Needs a Pay Rise March, 18 October

A TUC national demonstration under the banner Britain Needs a Pay Rise will take place on Saturday 18 October, beginning with a march through central London and culminating in a rally in Hyde Park.

Working people are facing the biggest squeeze on their incomes since Victorian times and official figures show that wages have fallen in real terms very years since 2010. The march is just part of the campaign for a decent pay rise and economic recovery that works for all, not just those at the top.

The demonstration is not just for trade unionists. It is for everyone suffering due to the government’s poverty agenda. Our members should be marching with their family, friends and neighbours as well as the local community, faith groups and the local Labour Party to make their voices heard.

This demonstration aims to better those that took place on 26 March 2011 and 20 October 2012 which saw around ½ million people, many of them UNISON members, marching through the streets of London.

March Logistics – The march will assemble from 11am on the Embankment near Blackfriars. It will then move off at noon and mach via Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly to Hyde Park for a rally.

This is a shorter route than pervious marches and it is hoped that this will allow more people to get to Hyde Park in time for the rally. This means the march does not pass Westminster or Downing Street.

More details can be found here:

Britain Needs a Pay Rise Info Graphic

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Thank You For Your Support

To All Branch Member

Thanks and well done to all Kensington and Chelsea UNISON members who took part in last Thursday strike action across local councils in England and Wales.

A special vote of thanks goes to all who helped mount picket lines and joined the March in Central London’s demonstration and rally.

Our picket lines attracted more support than ever with our colleagues in National Union of Teachers and the GMB union.

A vibrant picket line was held at KTH, with many members joining us and a joint rally with the teachers at the end.

Group Photo

Some members were also interviewed by the National media, and further press coverage reported that 16 schools in Kensington and Chelsea alone were closed as a result of the joint action.

We shouldn’t be under any illusions that a single day’s action however well supported, will in its self gain significant concessions, but the 10th July was a major step forward and could lay the basis for further action early autumn should it prove necessary. This may also include our colleagues from NHS and other unions.

The Pay claim is for £1 an hour increase across the board and this would ensure and that those at the bottom receive a real living wage and that our salary scales keep above inflation.

Our members have not taken million pound bonuses, fiddled their expenses or refused to pay tax- we can’t keep getting the blame for a crisis that was the banking industries fault.

Dave Prentis , The General Secretary of our union has said, “ that this will be an  Autumn this Coalition  Government will remember”. If the Employer do not give us a reasonable offer and refuse to negotiate there is likely to be further action to possible coincide with the TUC demonstration to be held on Saturday 18th October ‘Anti –austerity’ and’ Britain needs pay rise’.

So if you have friends or colleagues that you think might join the UNISON please ask them to get involved.

Once gain Thank you for your show of strength.

Sonya Howard
Branch Secretary


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Pay Strike on 10 July 2014

Strike action is very much a last resort for UNISON but the serious erosion of our pay caused by the five-year pay freeze followed by just 1% pay offers cannot continue.

Local government and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland voted for strike action after rejectingunison-strike-image the employers’ pay offer of just 1%.

The strike day will take place on Thursday 10 July

All RBKC UNISON members are welcome to take part. We will be picketing all the main buildings and also concentrating on a number of strategic sites. Please discuss picketing with your local steward or contact the Branch office.

Question and Answer Meeting

There is a Branch Meeting in The Council Chamber on Monday 7 July 12.00-1.30pm.

Hardship Payments

Strike pay is not payable for a one day strike. However we will consider hardship payment requests subject to proof of loss of earnings. You can make a hardship request using the attached from which has full details on how to make the claim and we will endeavour to meet individual losses.

Personal Exemptions

For details on exemptions please check this link on our website or call the UNISON office for details.

Picketing Expenses

We are asking for as many people as possible to take part in the picketing and to join the demonstration. There will be out of pocket expenses for up to £20 available on the day – see your picket line coordinator.

The picket lines will be: Kensington Town Hall, Westway Information Centre, Chelsea Old Town Hall, the TMO Hub and Pembroke Road.

These will be covered between 7am – 11am followed by a rally outside Kensington Town Hall. Following this you have the option of going to the main UNISON rally in Central London. For those of you that have children please bring them along.

Strike Together to Protect Our Pay

What you are asked to do:

  • Support the strike
  • Join your picket line
  • Join the march
  • But most of all enjoy the day

March and Rally

Full details on the march and rally can be found here:


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Demonstration and Rally, Thursday 10 July

Demo 10 july

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Personal Strike Exemptions

There are two circumstance which would lead to exemptions for strike action:

  • Individuals who are in the last two months before they retire may well be exempt from strike action. This is because is due to the importance of the last month’s salary in calculating the pension.

For maternity leave there are a couple of issues:

  • If you are a new member of staff who may not have reached the 26 week qualifying period for SMP or the 12 month Local Government service for the occupational pension
  • If the strike day falls in the reference period used for the calculation of maternity pay (this is an 8 week period ending 15 weeks before the expected date of delivery), it can affect the calculation of average pay for maternity leave.


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