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March for Barnet Libraries

Join the march to support our libraries – Saturday 25th April – 11:00am

Chipping Barnet Library to Osidge via East Barnet.

Meet at the Spires Bandstand where London.

Metropolitan Brass will start the march.

Save Barnet Libraries is campaigning for a properly comprehensive service maintained, enhanced and run by professional librarians and library workers employed by Barnet Council.

The council are proposing a 60% cut to the libraries budget. This could mean the closure of 6 branches or 10 branches reduced to 540 sq feet (just twice the size of the average British living room). Most libraries would only be staffed 40% of the time; CCTV and swipe cards would provide the only ‘security’ at other times.

Sign the petition (currently 9,500 signatures)

Get involved and support your library

e-mail to get in touch with your local library user group.

Express your views at your local residents’ association or place of worship.

SaveBarnetLibraries Osidge/East Barnet Library User Group

Poster for Library March


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Don’t Forget to Vote in the NEC elections 2015

The ballot for UNISON’s National Executive Council opened immediately after the bank holiday weekend and you may have already received your ballot papers.

This will be an important election in which we will choose the lay leadership of our trade union in the crucial period after the coming General Election. We need NEC members who are diligent and critical and with this in mind the Branch has nominated the following candidates:

Sonya Howard                        Helen Davies

Hugo Pierre                             Jon Rogers

Phoebe Watkins                      Jane Doolan

Paul Holmes                           Glenn Kelly

Please take the time to complete and return your ballot papers and help democratically shape UNISON for the next 2 years.

TH Newsflash NEC elections 2015 a5 f


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Barnet Council Workers to Strike

87% of UNISON members working for Barnet “easyCouncil” vote YES to strike action.

The trades dispute with London Borough of Barnet is over staff remaining in employment with Barnet Council. TheBarnet Banner strike ballot is a direct response to the five commissioning projects agreed at the 3 March 2015 Full Council meeting which would mean outsourcing the majority of the workforce into a variety of alternative delivery models.

  1. Education & Skills and School Meals services
  2. Library Service
  3. Early Years: Children’s Centres
  4. Adult Social Care
  5. Street Scene Services

The Education & Skills and School Meals services is already in Competitive Dialogue discussions with the following contractors:

  • Capita Business Services Ltd
  • EC Harris LLP
  • Mott MacDonald Ltd, trading as Cambridge Education

Looking at Capita’s track record <> in bidding and winning contracts it is highly likely they will win this contract making it the third big contract they will have won with Barnet Council.

UNISON Branch Secretary John Burgess said: The vote was never in doubt. The workforce in Barnet is amazing and resilient workforce. The vote confirms that that our members have had enough of the ideological obsession with outsourcing. The Council does not value the workforce which can be seen when unpaid overtime and long hours are never recognised when putting together bids for outsourcing projects. The fact that the Council refuses to run in-house comparators has made it clear to our members that their future employment with the Council is threatened.


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