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2016/17 NJC Pay Claim Agreed

UNISON, GMB and Unite have agreed the following NJC Trade Union Side pay claim for 2016/17:

  • Deletion of NJC and all local pay points which fall below the level of the UK Living Wage (and deletion of GLPC pay points below London Living Wage) and a flat rate increase of £1 per hour on all other pay points
  • Retention and protection of Green Book Part 2 terms and conditions
  • Fair treatment for school support staff through a joint review of term time working

The agreed claim is based on UNISON’s main proposals, which we consulted members on. Significantly,Money the deletion of the pay points was UNISON’s preferred method for achieving the Living Wage, and UNISON and Unite’s preference for £1 an hour up the scale was adopted, in preference over the GMB’s support for a 5% increase.

Despite pushing the other unions very hard, we could not get their agreement to include UNISON’s proposal to backdate the settlement date to 1 April 2015, in the claim. However, the other unions did agree that the written claim would highlight the progress we want on:

  • The real terms pay cut to living standards in recent years
  • The inadequacy of last year’s pay settlement in restoring members’ lost earnings
  • The inadequate funding for a pay increase for local government workers last year
  • The Employers’ refusal in recent years to engage in meaningful negotiations
  • The Employers’ refusal to enter into arbitration to help resolve pay disputes in a fair manner

The Trade Union Side will submit the written claim to the Employers next month.

We will also look to lodge equivalent pay claims to ALMOs and other appropriate outsourced employers. This will require further discussion on co-ordination through the NJC Executive Trade Union Side.

UNISON Additional Pay Claim for 2015/16 – next steps

As agreed by UNISON’s Special Conference, the UNISON NJC Committee submitted an additional pay claim for the 2015/16 pay round to the employers in April. This sought the full time equivalent Living Wage rate to be the minimum pay value of the NJC pay spine and an equivalent flat rate increase to be applied to all other NJC pay scale points, from 1 April 2015. The Employers replied that they were not willing to consider this additional claim, as a settlement had already been reached for 2014-16. As noted above UNISON sought to backdate the 16/17 claim to address outstanding aspects of the 15/16 claim, however the other unions were not prepared to consider this.

The NJC Committee will decide next steps on this issue at its meeting on 8 July. UNISON’s campaign materials for 2016/17 will highlight the additional 2015/16 claim and UNISON’s negotiators will push the issue of backdating with the employers in talks on the 2016/17 claim.



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Credit Union Provides Banking Buddy Service

A London-based Your Credit Union is offering a ‘Banking Buddy’ service to its members who want to open a bank account but lack the confidence to go along on their own.

The Kensington High Street union says having a current account helps people improve their credit score, and means they can pay bills by Direct Debit, shop online and draw out funds at home and internationally.

“Some people feel too intimidated to cross the threshold because they feel it’s just ‘not for them’; others might not feel confident speaking English and are anxious they won’t be ‘heard’,” said Your Credit Union CEO William RhodeimagesCAK958E3s.

“For others, it might be a case of them having been turned down for an account in the past and are loath to face any potential further embarrassment by trying again. That is where having a Banking Buddy comes in.

“If someone is there with you, it can be like having an imaginary arm around your shoulder, knowing someone is there on your side.

“Everyone has a right to one of these basic current accounts. They don’t come with an overdraft facility or a cheque book, but you do get a Visa Debit card which means you can pay for things online.

“We make sure they bring along enough proof to satisfy the bank and sit with them while they’re going through the form.”

In a unique agreement with Barclays in West London, Your Credit Union will book and accompany the individual to an appointment with a named member of the bank staff.

The union already holds regular pop-up sessions at Barclays branches across West London and the new move is seen as a way of strengthening the relationship and supporting local people.

Added Mr Rhodes: “Barclays have been hugely supportive to us over the past 18 months, allowing the organisation to hold regular pop-ups in their branches in West London, and we are delighted to do something that is mutually supportive.”

The union recently helped José from Portugal who has been living in the UK since 2005 and who has never been able to open a current account with a bank. He is now a proud Barclays current account holder.

“I’ve tried a couple of times over the years, but it I always seem to get declined and just walk out feeling dejected.

“Having no Debit Card makes things really tricky, especially when I go back home to see my family. I end up having to take cash with me as I can’t draw any money out which isn’t ideal.

“Having a bank account it is really good news. I can buy things on the internet which can often be much cheaper.”

Anyone who would like Your Credit Union to help them open a bank account with the Bank Buddy Service call: 0207 605 6341.

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