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The 2017 K&C Branch AGM

The 2017 Branch AGM was held on Wednesday 15 Feb in the Small Hall at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall.

Sean Fox, Haringey Branch Secretary & National Joint Council Member for Greater London was the speaker at yesterday’s Branch AGM. Sean sits on the UNISON national committee that negotiates on pay with the local government employer.

NJC scales are local government pay scales, which are extensively used in the voluntary sector. They areagm-pic-one a result of negotiations between trade unions. Due to government restricted pay increases spinal points have begun to bunch up. Negotiations on a revised pay spine will begin in March, after the pay data to be used to model alternatives has been finalised and jointly agreed with the LGA.

Last year’s nominal 1% increase was actually wiped out by the 1 1/2 % increase made by the government to our members National Insurance contributions.

In 2010 and 2011 there was a national pay freeze in local government and no pay increase was given. Since then there has been an annual 1% pay increase and we are currently in the second year of a two-year 1% pay deal. The government (under Chancellor Osbourne) restricted local government pay increase to 1% until 2020. This would mean that earnings for our members in local government would be worth 1/3 less than in 2010.

Additionally this pay suppression is further impacted by higher inflation.

The UNION and its members will have to take action if they are to achieve a decent offer. If this fails to happen we run the risk of becoming accustomed to annual 1% increases and continual pay deterioration.  




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Pay Update

moneyNational Joint Council (NJC) Pay Spine Review

As part of the 2016-18 pay deal, the NJC agreed to review the NJC pay spine and established a working group to conduct the review. UNISON’s NJC Executive members and an NJC Committee low paid member represent UNISON on the working group.

At its first meeting on 11 January, the working group agreed (on a without prejudice basis) to proceed according to the three principles below:

  • That a revised pay spine should look similar to the existing one: i.e. individual pay points linked to a specific salary figure
  • That the differentials between each of the pay points should be consistent
  • That a revised pay spine should be extended beyond the existing maximum pay point 49

We anticipate negotiations on a revised pay spine will begin in March, after the pay data to be used to model alternatives has been finalised and jointly agreed with the LGA.

NJC Pay Claim 2018/19

The NJC Committee has agreed to make our pay aspirations clear to the LGA while the negotiations on the pay spine take place. The intention is to lodge the 2018 pay claim by June this year, subject to agreement with GMB and Unite.

Our proposed timetable for agreeing, discussing and lodging the claim is:

27 April: NJC Committee discuss and agrees draft claim for consultation with branches and members

2 May: Start of consultation over the claim

26 May: End of consultation

31 May: NJC Committee meets and agrees UNISON’s proposals for the claim

June TU Side meets soon after and agrees the claim for submission

The NJC Committee has also considered our campaign for more funding for both the pay spine review and future pay increases above 1%. The Committee believes the current situation calls for:

 A union-wide campaign calling for an end to public sector pay restraint

 An NJC campaign, based on a claim for 2018 -19, which demonstrates our pay aspirations to the LGA and highlights low pay in local government and schools to the public

 A widespread political campaign to get recognition of the need and support for additional funding for the pay spine review and NJC pay in the longer term

We have already taken some steps to raise the issue within the LGA Labour Group, amongst MPs and with the DCLG Select Committee. We will also need significant political pressure from Regions and branches. Campaign details will follow.



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