Save Wornington College

The Save Wornington College campaign has collected over 1600 signatures for the petition.

They will now be addressing the RBKC Full Council Meeting on Wednesday 26th April atJpeg college the Town Hall, on Hornton Street and we will take this opportunity to explain to the Councillors why the much loved adult education establishment is far too important an institution to be turned into more unaffordable housing with an unseen commitment to re-provide a smaller educational space.

The Save Wornington College campaign will highlight to the Council how the College has brought many positive, life changing opportunities to the North Kensington community and how this important resource needs to be protected for the future.

They will asking RBKC to support their demands that the entire building remains in educational use, that there is no reduction in the provision and diversity of courses offered, that there are no staff cuts and that the creche and other facilities on the Wornington site are protected.

There are three ways that you can help support the campaign over the coming month:

  1. Attend the banner making/social evening at the Venture Centre on Thursday 20th April at 6.30pm.

The meeting will take place at 6.30pm at the Venture Centre in Wornington Road on Thursday 20th April to make some placards and banners in preparation for the rally and address to the Council on 26th April. Materials will be supplied and  the session will end with an informal social gathering at the nearby pub “The Eagle” to discuss the campaign.

  1. Support the rally and address to RBKC Council on Wednesday 26th April at 6.00pm.

The gathering will take place outside the Town Hall in Hornton Street at 6.00pm on Wednesday 26th April to hold a rally prior to the campaign’s address to the Full RBKC Council Meeting that will commence in the main Council Chamber at 6.30pm. Please spread the word among the community about this important event.

  1. Campaign strategy meeting at the Venture Centre on Thursday 4th May at 6.30pm.

There will be a meeting at the Venture Centre at 6.30pm on Thursday 4th May to reflect on the address to Full Council and to plan the future of the Save Wornngton College campaign. Meeting will end at 8.00pm.

[Campaign leaflets here and here].


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