Your Representative

Introducing Kensington and Chelsea UNISON’s Branch Officers, Stewards and Health and Safety officers. To get in touch with your local representative please contact the Branch office.


Sonya Howard – Branch Secretary James Guinan – Deputy Branch Secretary
Anne Lord – Assistant Treasurer Paul Freeman – Branch Treasurer
Edith Rogers – Vice Chair Phil Dominey – Chair
Felicia Karikari – TMO Convenor Neville McDermott – Library Convenor
Ken Davison – Pension Champion Albert Dornelly – Black and Ethnic Minority Officer
Jose Jueguen – H&S Rep for Malton Road Susie Hilmi – Library Steward
Robert Adams – H&S Officer, Halls James Thompson – Housing Steward
James Guinan – Steward, Pembroke Road Felicity Scott – Town Hall Steward
Jane Salmon – Steward, Town Hall, Finance
Faris Saric – Workplace Contact TMO  Karim Daboh – TMO Steward
Sue Clark – Joint Retired Members’ Secretary Verena Beane – Joint Retired Members’ Secretary
Auditors: Ken Davison and Samantha Dehaan John Marsden – Administrator & Caseworker

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